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    Hazard and Diego Costa hold the key to Chelsea success – Petch

    Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard has been in charge for almost a year now and, despite the fact that the team is not in the Champions League, he is already able to make a lot of positive changes.
    The Blues are now in a better position than before, but they still have a long way to go.
    However, the team still needs to improve its results, because the previous season it was not able to win the Champions’ League.
    That is why Lampard is trying to strengthen the squad with the right players, who can help the team to win trophies.
    Lampard has already managed to strengthen his team with the acquisition of:
    · Diego Costa;
    · ‘C’ Eden Hazard;
    ‘D’ Willian.
    All three players have already managed their first season in the Premier League, and they are already showing their maximum.
    In the current season, the Blues have already won the FA Cup and the League Cup, so they are very confident about their future.
    Will the team be able to repeat the success of the previous campaign?
    Will Frank Lampson’s team be ready for the Champions’ League?
    The season has already ended, but it is already clear that the season will be long and difficult for Chelsea.
    After the departure of Eden Hazard, the club has only Willian and Costa to play with.
    Both players are very important for Lampard’ Chelsea, because they are able to create a lot and to score goals.
    Now, the players of the Blues are able not only to score, but also to create chances for themselves.
    This is what they need to succeed in the long tournament distance.
    Chelsea’ players have a good chance of winning the Champions league, because in the current campaign the team has already won one trophy.
    Moreover, the squad of Lampard can be strengthened with the acquisitions of:
    · Willian;

    “C” Eden Hazard.
    These players will help the Blues to become a real contender for the title.

    “C” Eden Hazard has already impressed the fans with his performance in the English Premier League. The Belgian is able to score a lot, and his distribution is also good.
    ”C“ Eden Hazard is a player who can be considered as a true leader of the team.
    He is able not to be out of position and to make the right decisions.
    At the same time, the Belgian is also able to distribute the ball and to create the right moments for his teammates.
    It is clear that Hazard can become a key player for the team, because it is clear how the Blues will have to play in the future.
    The team needs to make good use of the opportunities it will get in the Europa League, because there it will be very difficult to achieve a good result.
    There are only a few rounds left, so the team needs time to prepare for the matches.
    Hazard is able, together with the other players, to create good chances for the Blues.
    They are able, thanks to this, to score points and to win points.
    Such a strategy is very important, because Chelsea has a long tournament route ahead of it.
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    How the team will play in Champions League
    The current season has shown that the Chelsea team is very confident and that it is able even to lose points in matches against weaker teams.
    Thus, the Chelsea squad is able now to make mistakes and not to win.
    If the team does not have enough points, then it will not be able for long to win, because other teams will be able, in the end, to take advantage of this.
    As a result, the current Chelsea team will have a difficult time in the tournament, because this season the team was able to demonstrate its maximum. However, it is also worth noting that the current team is still very young, so it will have time to develop and to become stronger.
    Despite the fact, that the results are not so good, the fans of the club are very happy with the current state of the squad.
    Many of the players have managed to make progress in the club and to get to the first team. This is a good sign for the future development of the football team. However, the main problem of the current squad is the lack of motivation.
    Due to this fact, the results in the matches against the weaker teams are not always good. The team needs a lot to be able not just to win but to do it in the best way.
    Therefore, the situation in the Chelsea lineup is not the best, but the fans are very satisfied with the results.
    Do you think that Frank Lampinson’ s squad will be ready to win gold medals?
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