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    Will Chelsea regret selling Ake to Bournemouth?

    Chelsea have long been a favorite of the English Premier League. The Blues have won the title for the last six seasons, and have won it with a record number of victories.
    However, the club has not been able to win the coveted trophy for a long time. The reason for this is the fact that the club’s leaders have not been in the best shape.
    This is why the team’ leaders have been in a constant state of decline. This is especially true for Eden Hazard, who is considered to be one of the main players of the team.
    The Belgian is considered one of England’ best players, and he is considered by many to be the best player of the Premier League in his position. However, the Belgian has not always been able not only to score, but also to create chances for his teammates.
    In the last season, Hazard was not able to show his best game, and this caused the team to lose points.

    This season, the Chelsea team has a lot of options in terms of attacking players. The club has already acquired Eden Hazard for €60 million, and they are now looking to strengthen the position of the Belgian.
    It is worth noting that the team has already strengthened the position, so it is not necessary for the club to buy new players.
    What are the main advantages of buying Hazard?
    The main advantage of buying the Belgian is that the player will not cost the club a lot. Hazard is considered a key player of Chelsea, and the club is willing to pay a lot for him.
    Also, the player has a contract with the club for another five years, which means that the Belgian will be able to leave the team in the next season.
    Chelsea has a number of options for strengthening the position in the future. They include:
    1. The acquisition of a new goalkeeper.
    2. The signing of a young player.
    3. A transfer of a player from another team.
    The club is also ready to buy a player who is not a starter, but has a good potential.
    Will the team be able not to lose to Manchester City?
    Manchester City is a team that has a long history in the English championship. The team has won the Premier league for a number years in a row.
    If the team does not have a good game in the matches against the teams from the top 5, then it will be very difficult for it to win.
    Manchester United is another team that is considered as a favorite in the Premier championship. However the team is not the best in the league, so the team will not be able win the title this season. The main reason for the team not being able to get the title is the lack of motivation of its leaders.
    Many leaders of the club are not in the shape that they need to be for the Premier title, so they are not able do their best. This causes the team’s results to be not so good.
    You can always follow the results of the Manchester United team on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will not miss anything important.
    Who is the main favorite of Manchester City this season?
    This year, the main contender for the title of the champion is the Manchester City. The City has a large number of leaders, which allows the team leaders to show their best game.
    Moreover, the team also has a high level of motivation. This allows the leaders to get to the stadium on time and not to miss anything.
    There are a lot advantages of the City over the other teams in the championship. Among the most obvious advantages are:
    * A large number and quality of players. This helps the team play with a high degree of effectiveness.
    * The motivation of the leaders. This makes the team win matches.
    One of the most important factors of the success of the Guardiola’ team is the level of teamwork. This team has been playing for a few years, so there is a high probability that they have already developed a good understanding of each other.
    All the leaders of Manchester United are also considered as favorites of the season. Among them are:
    * Wayne Rooney;
    * Alexis Sanchez;
    * Rashford;
    * De Bruyne;
    and many others.
    Thus, the City has the best chances of winning the champion title.
    How will the team look in the Champions League?
    In recent years, the Champions league has become much more interesting. The Champions league is a tournament that is held every year. The winners of the tournament get a place in the finals of the European Cup.
    Of course, the previous season was very successful for the City. This was due to the fact the team had a good selection of players in the starting lineup. However this season, it is much more difficult for the Guardiola team. The reasons for this are: the following:
    · Lack of motivation;
    · Lack of experience.
    As a result, the players are not ready for the Champions tournament.
    Therefore, it will not only be difficult for Manchester City to win a place at the finals, but it will also be very hard for the squad to get into the playoffs.

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