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    Chelsea: Morata is the right player to replace Costa

    The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has been a success for the club. The Portuguese joined the club for a record fee of €100 million, which was later increased to €130 million.

    The Portuguese is a great player, but he has not yet become the main star of the team. The main goal for the team is to get into the Champions League zone, where the team will have a chance to win the title.
    In order to achieve this, the club needs to strengthen the squad. Morata, who is considered to be one of the best players in the world, is one of them. The player is considered as one of “Real Madrid”’s main rivals.
    The club is very active in the transfer market and the club has already managed to get a number of players who are considered to have a high potential. Among them are:
    * Dani Carvajal;
    * Marcelo;
    * Sergio Ramos;
    * Marcelo.
    These players are already playing for the first team, and it is very likely that they will be able to help the team achieve its goals.
    It is worth noting that the club is also actively trying to sign players from other clubs. This is an important step in the process of strengthening the team, because it is now much easier to do this.
    However, the main task of the club in the next season will be to win La Liga, and Morata will have to do his best to achieve it.
    Who will replace Ronaldo in Juventus?
    The main goal of the Juventus is to win a place in the Champions’ League zone. The team has already achieved this, and now it is looking for a new star to replace Cristiano.
    This summer, the team has signed a number players who have a good potential. One of them is the young player from Portugal, Joao Felix. The young player is a talented midfielder, who has already made a number appearances for the main club of the country.
    Felix has already shown that he is able to become a good player in the future, and the team needs to find a suitable replacement for the player.
    Juventus is very actively trying this transfer, and this is an excellent opportunity to do it. The club has a number young players who can become a great star for the future.
    What are the chances of the Portuguese to play in the team?
    In the next few years, the Portuguese will be playing for Juventus, and he will be the main player of the main team of the Old Signora. The problem is that the Portuguese is not the main scorer of the goals, and his chances of playing in the main line are not very high.
    One of the reasons for this is that he has a serious injury. The injury has already affected his game, and so far, he has managed to score only a few goals. The best thing about the Portuguese player is that his potential is very high, and if he continues to improve, he will become a real star in the Old Signal’.
    If the team does not have a suitable star, then it will be very difficult to achieve its main goal. The chances of Cristian Ronaldo to play for Juventus are not high, but the club will have other options to achieve the desired result.
    Will the team be able win the Champions’ League?
    Of course, it is possible to win all the domestic championships, but it is much easier and more profitable to win in the European competitions.
    At the moment, the chances for the Portuguese are not too high, because he is not able to score a lot of goals. However, the player has a lot to improve. For example, he needs to improve his technique, and also to improve the game in the air.
    Another problem is the injury. It is possible that the player will not be able for a long time to play at the top level. However this does not mean that the team cannot achieve the results it wants.
    For this reason, it will not make much sense to buy a star player who is able only to score goals. In this case, the fans will not have much interest in the club, and they will not show their support for it. However the club should not stop at this, because the team can achieve much more by strengthening the squad and buying a star.
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