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    Morata and Lacazette to leave?

    By Football Italia only in the last few days, it has become known that Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain have agreed to terminate the contracts of the two players.
    The news came from the official website of the Italian press, which announced that the clubs have already signed a new contract.
    This is a blow for the Bianco-Neri, who are still very active in the transfer market, and it is also a serious blow for their rivals, who have already strengthened their positions.
    However, the club has managed to find a solution to the problem, and they will try to find an alternative solution.
    Will the Bianconeri be able to compete with the leaders of the EPL?
    In the last season, Juventus won the Serie A and the Champions League, but it is clear that the team has a long way to go in order to be able compete with their main rivals.
    At the moment, the BianCON have a number of players who can be considered as potential leaders of their team, and the club will have to strengthen them in the future.
    In order to do this, the team will have the option of signing new players, but they will have a lot of time to find the right solution. In the current season, the squad of the Turin giants was quite weak, and there were many players who were not able to contribute to the victory in the domestic championship.
    Moreover, the main rivals of the BianCon are Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, who all have a long bench.
    It is clear, that the club needs to strengthen the positions of the players who are not in the strongest of shape, and this is why the transfer ban is so important for the club.
    Who will be the main contenders for the title?
    The current season has already shown that the main competitors of the Juventus are the teams that have not yet managed to win the Champions Cup.
    There are several reasons for this, but the most obvious one is the fact that the teams have not been able to fully develop their game in the international arena.
    Another reason is the absence of a good goalkeeper, which has become a problem for the teams.
    Also, the teams are not able yet to fully rely on the performance of their stars, as happened with Cristiano Ronaldo.
    If the Portuguese continues to play the same way, the chances of Juventus to win are quite high.
    They have a good squad, and if they manage to find some solutions to the problems that they have, then the club can be quite confident of winning the title.
    Where can we see the results of Juventus in the next season?
    It has been known for a long time that the Bianconi were not going to win any trophies in the current campaign, and that is why it is so difficult to predict the future results.
    Despite this, it is possible to see the team’s results on the website of sports statistics, where it is easy to follow the events in real time.
    As for the current Serie A table, it can be said that the Turinese team is still in the middle of the standings, but this is not the best result for the team.
    After the defeat to Napoli, the players of the club were quite upset, and many of them decided to leave the club, which is why they have to find new partners in the summer.
    Of course, the most likely option for them is to buy a new goalkeeper, but there are also some other players who they can buy, such as:
    * Filippo Criscuolo;
    * Gianluigi Buffon;
    * Danilo;
    * Daniele Rugani.
    These players are all interesting options for the Turinese team, because they can be bought for a very low price.

    However it is important to note that the transfer campaign will not start for a while, so it is still possible that the players will leave the team in the near future. It is also possible that they will decide to leave for other clubs, but we will see how the situation develops.
    How will the transfer window of the new season affect Juventus?
    At this time, it’ll be interesting to follow all the results on sports statistics website, because the club is not going through a good transfer campaign, but if the players decide to stay, then it is quite possible that we will be able see a lot more results from the Turini.
    For this reason, it will be very interesting to see how they will do in the new campaign.
    What are the possible options for Juventus in summer?
    One of the main options for them will be to buy players who will help them to fight for the champion title. This is why we should note that there are several players who have a high potential to become leaders of a team, such us:
    1. Filippino Gkikas;
    2. Gianluig Buffon.
    3. Daniella Domínguez.
    4. Cristiano.
    5. Roberto Firmino.
    6. Mario Mandzukic.
    7. Giorgio Chiellini.
    It’d be interesting for the players to buy these players, because it is very easy to find them on the internet.

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