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    Guardiola: I like Arsenal’s style of football

    It is now clear that the Spanish coach Unai Emery has the potential to become a great coach. He has already managed to win the Europa League, and now he is trying to win gold medals at the international arena.
    The Spaniard has a good team, and the main problem is the lack of motivation. The team has been in the Champions League for several years, and it is obvious that it is not ready to fight for the title.
    However, the Gunners have already won the FA Cup and the Europa Cup, and they are now ready to compete for the main trophy.

    The team’s style of playing is very similar to the one of the Spanish La Liga. The main difference is the fact that the Gunner’ players are more focused on the final match.
    It has become much easier to follow the results of the matches of the Gunnarsson’st club, because the website of sports statistics is available to everyone.
    Arsenal’ soccer results
    The Gunners are in the middle of the group stage of the Champions league, and their chances of getting into the playoffs are not very high. The first matches of Emery’ team were not successful, but the coach managed to improve the situation.
    In the first rounds, the team played against:
    * Real Madrid;
    * Barcelona;
    * Napoli.
    Each of them showed a good game. The Gunners were able to win points and get into the playoff zone.
    After the first matches, the fans began to hope that the team would be able to play in the playoffs. However, the situation is not very bright, because in the next rounds the team will face:
    · * Valencia;
    · * Sevilla;
    • Manchester United.
    All the teams are considered to be the main contenders for the champion title. However the Gunnery team has a very difficult time, because they have to fight against the following teams:
    1. Manchester City;
    2. Liverpool;
    3. Manchester United;
    4. Chelsea.
    If the Gunningers do not win the Champions title, it will be the worst result in the history of the club.
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    Who will win the EPL this season?
    The English Premier League is the most popular football tournament in the world. It is a tournament that attracts millions of fans from all over the world, and its results are closely watched by millions of people.
    Of course, it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the tournament, because there are many factors that can influence the final result. However it is easy to follow its results on the 777score website. Here, you will always find the results from the matches that are held in the Premier League.
    This season, the main contender for the Epl gold medals is Manchester City. The Citizens have a very good squad, and many of them are ready to do their best.
    However the main competitor of the Citizens is Liverpool. The Reds have a good lineup, as they are able to use it in all conditions.
    Manchester United is also a contender for gold medals. However their chances are not so high, because their lineup is not that strong.
    Chelsea is also considered to have a decent chance of winning the tournament. However they have a serious problem: the lackadaisical attitude of the team.
    Do not forget that the Premier league is a very important tournament, and if the Citizens and Liverpool win it, it would be a great result for the club and its fans.
    Live football results of all competitions
    The season of the English Premier league has already ended, and there were a lot of interesting events.
    Among the most interesting results of this season, you can find the following:
    • “Liverpool’ victory in the EFL Cup”;
    “Manchester City’ defeat in the FA cup”.
    These victories and defeats were not so surprising, because these teams are very close to each other in the standings.
    ‘Manchester City FC’ is in the second place of the standings, and ‘Liverpool” is in third place. The last place is occupied by “Chelsea FC”, and this team has not yet managed to find its game.
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    Latest football results from all competitions of the Premier leagues
    Now, it becomes much easier and more convenient to follow football results. It has now become much simpler to follow matches, because now you can use the Internet to learn the latest results of matches. It will be convenient to do this, because it is now possible to watch the results on your computer, as long as you have a stable connection.
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