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    Are Tottenham capable of winning Premier League title?

    The Tottenham Hotspurs are the main contender for the title. This is not surprising, because the team has a good lineup and is able to play in various positions. The Spurs have a good coach, too, who has been working with the team for several years now.
    The Spurs are in the middle of the standings, but they have a chance to win the title, because they have already shown a good game. The main problem of the Spurs is the lack of motivation. The team has not won the title for a long time, but it is still possible to win it.

    The team is still in the fight for the Champions League, but the gap between the Spurs and the leaders has decreased significantly. This can be seen by the fact that the Spurs are now in the top-4 of the EPL.
    It is also worth noting that the team is able not only to win, but also to finish in the Champions league zone.
    Tottenham Hotspurt Prospects for the Next Season
    The main task for the Spurs in the next season is to win gold medals in the EFL Cup. The club has a great opportunity to win this trophy, because it is the most prestigious tournament of the Premier League.
    However, the team needs to be more focused, because other competitions are also important for the club. The most important one is the FA Cup, where the Spurs have already won the most trophies.
    In the next year, the club will be able to improve its position in the standings. This will be possible, because in the current season the Spurs managed to finish at the third place. This was possible due to the following factors:
    1. Excellent selection of players in the lineup.
    2. Good teamwork.
    3. Good management of the team.
    4. Good results.
    Now, the Spurs can be considered as the main contenders for the champion title. The next season, the main goal of the club is to finish the tournament in the zone of the Champions.
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    Main Intrigues of the Next EPL Season
    In recent years, the Epl has become a very important tournament for the Tottenham. The reason for this is the fact, that it is one of the most difficult championships in the world.
    This is also another proof that the club has good players, who can perform well in the English Premier League and the Champions Cup.
    After the end of the season, we can expect a lot of interesting events in the upcoming season. The first of them is the return of the legendary Harry Kane to the team, who left the Spurs after the last season.
    Kane is a key player of the Tottenham, because he is able both to score goals and to distribute them. The player has already managed to score 100 goals in his career, and he is still able to do it. The fact that he is playing for the team again is a good sign for the fans.
    Another interesting event is the appointment of the new head coach of the London team, Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentine coach has a lot to do, because his team needs a lot in the future.
    If we talk about the main goals of the Pochettinos’ team, we should note the following:
    * to finish among the top 4 of the English championship.
    * To qualify for the next stage of the tournament, the Europa League. This season, Tottenham has already shown good results in the Europa Cup, but this is not enough to get into the top division.
    As for the Eclat, it is very important for Pochetto’ squad, because this is a chance for them to get a place in the European zone. The coach has already started to prepare the team in this direction, but now it is necessary to work on it in the long run.
    Team’ s Prospects in the Next Seasons
    The current season is a success for the Londoners, because their team has already won gold medals. The Epl is a very difficult tournament, and the Spurs will have to fight for a place among the leaders.
    One of the main tasks of the next seasons of the current Tottenham team is to get to the Champions’ League zone. This tournament is very interesting for the players, because there are a lot more competitions than in the Premier league.
    Also, the London club needs to improve the results in other competitions, because now it has a very good lineup. This allows the team to play at a high level in almost any tournament.
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    Latest EPL Results
    The EPL is a tournament that is very popular among fans. It is a competition that is held every year, and it is interesting for all fans.

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