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    Can Chelsea sign Lacazette and Morata this summer?

    Chelsea’s summer transfer campaign has been quite successful. The Blues have already managed to sign Eden Hazard and Tammy Abraham. In addition, the club has also managed to get a number of players who are considered to be the main favorites of the season.
    The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the Blues have managed to strengthen their lineup significantly. In order to keep up with the competition, the team has to strengthen its positions.
    However, the Chelsea squad is not the only one that is strengthened. The other clubs also managed quite successfully to strengthen the positions of their players. In the English Premier League, the teams that managed to improve their positions are:
    * Manchester City;
    * Liverpool;
    * Arsenal.
    In the English Championship, the clubs that managed the most transfers are: Manchester United, Liverpool, and Aston Villa.

    The main goal of the club is to finish in the top-4 of the English football championship. This is the club’ goal for the next season, and it is quite possible that the team will be able to achieve this goal.
    At the moment, the main competitors of the Chelsea team are: Tottenham, Manchester City, and Arsenal. The teams that are considered the main rivals of the Blues are: Leicester, Everton, and Sheffield United.
    What are the main advantages of signing Morata?
    The signing of Eden Hazard is a good example of how the team can strengthen its position. The Belgian has become one of the main players of the team, and he is considered to have a good game.
    Chelsea can sign Morata, who is considered a good goalkeeper. The Spanish player has already managed several times to score in the English championship. The main advantage of signing the goalkeeper is that the player can play in the defense, and this will allow the team to strengthen positions. In this season, the goalkeeper can be one of:
    • Rafael Benitez;

    Benitez is the head coach of the Spanish team, which means that the coach has to choose the goalkeeper.
    Another advantage of the signing of the goalkeeper will be that the club will be in a position to sign a number one goalkeeper. In general, the Spanish club has the best goalkeeper in the world, and Morato is one of his main competitors.
    It is also worth noting that the goalkeeper has already played for the Spanish national team.
    Will the Chelsea lineup be able not to be strengthened?
    In general, it is not easy to count on the Chelsea players being able to be as strong as the team that has already won the Premier League title. However, the season has already ended, and now the team needs to strengthen several positions. The team has already strengthened the defense and the goalkeeper, and they will be strengthened further in the future.
    If the team is able to strengthen these positions, then the team should be able be to finish the season in the first position of the championship.
    Where can the team finish in third place?
    This season, Manchester United has been the main contender for the title. The Red Devils have managed not only to finish first, but also to finish third. The club has managed to achieve all this thanks to:
    1. Great teamwork.
    2. Great individual skills of the players.
    3. Good results.
    This year, the Red Devils managed to finish 3rd in the EPL. This means that they are able to get into the Champions League zone.
    After the season, Mourinho and the team management have set a number 1 goal for themselves. The coach wants to win the Champions league, and if he can do this, then he will be the best coach in the history of the tournament.
    You can always follow the results of the Manchester United and other teams in the Premier league on the sports statistics website.
    Who will be Chelsea’’ main competitors in the next year?
    Now, the most likely competitors of Chelsea are: Liverpool, ManchesterCity, and Tottenham. The latter have already won a number in the Champions Cup, and in the near future, they will try to win another trophy.
    Also, it should be noted that the teams have already played each other in the Europa League. The first matches of the new season showed that the Merseysiders are not the strongest team in the league. The players of Liverpool managed to score a number, but they were not able to do it in the last rounds.
    Therefore, the Merseyiders will need to improve the results in the matches against their rivals.
    Moreover, the EFL Cup will be held soon, and Liverpool is the favorite of this tournament. The Reds have already achieved a number. In fact, they won the Cup in the previous season. They managed to win it with the score of 5:0.
    Now the Merseiders are trying to win a number 2. However this will be a difficult task, because the teams of the Premier are stronger than the Reds.
    How will the team’ performance in the new year be?
    Chelsea will be one the main contenders for the champion title in the upcoming season. The English team has a number and a good lineup.

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