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    Mourinho likes new Manchester United striker?

    The summer transfer window is in full swing, and it has already been revealed that Manchester United are ready to spend big on a new striker. The Red Devils have already signed Eden Hazard, but the Belgian has been playing for the club for a few years. The club also signed the Brazilian Ronaldo, who is expected to replace Cristiano Ronaldo.
    However, the club is not the only one interested in the new striker, and the Premier League leaders are also ready to make a big transfer.
    Manchester United has already signed a new player, but it is not Hazard. The Belgian striker has already left the team, and he will be replaced by the young striker, who will be ready to take the place of the injured Wayne Rooney.
    The new player is called Jesus Navas, and his name is a bit of a surprise. Navas was a promising player, who was considered the top scorer of the Portuguese Championship. However, the Portuguese football league decided not to give him the title, so he will now be called a substitute.
    In order to understand why Navas is a good option for the Red Devils, it is important to understand the Portuguese championship. The Portuguese championship is very strong, and there are several clubs that are ready for a fight for the champion title.

    The main rival of Manchester United is Benfica, and this is why NavAS will be a good addition to the team. NavAS has already scored a lot of goals for Benficas, and now he will help the club to achieve the desired result.
    It is also worth noting that the Portuguese league has a lot more clubs than the English Premier League, so the Red devils will not have to spend a lot on a striker.
    What is the future of Ronaldo?
    The Portuguese football player Ronaldo has already managed to leave the club, and after that he was not able to achieve his goals. However he managed to get a transfer to Juventus, and if the club can get a good replacement, then the Portuguese will be able to continue his career.
    One of the main contenders for the Portuguese player is the Spanish La Liga. The team of Josep Guardiola is one of the best in the world, and Ronaldo is one among many players who can help the team to achieve its goals.
    At the moment, the team of the Spanish coach has a good lineup, and they are ready not only to fight for gold medals, but also to win the Champions League.
    You can follow the development of events in the Spanish championship on the sports statistics website, where you will always find the latest information about the Spanish league.
    New Manchester United players
    After the departure of Cristiano, the Red Devil’s team is now in a bad shape. The main problem of the team is the lack of a good striker. It is worth noting, that the club has already bought a new star player, which is Eden Hazard. However the Belgian striker left the club after a few months, and a new one will be needed.
    This is why the club will look for a new forward. The new player will be called Jesus, and according to the Portuguese press, he is a promising young player. The player has already made a lot for Benalmadena, and you can see that he is ready to prove himself in the English league. The Spanish championship is also a good place for the player to show his skills, and Benalma is ready for him.
    If you look at the future development of the club and the player, then you can say that the team will be in a good shape soon. The players will be motivated by the fact that they have a new champion, and also a new title. The fans will also be happy with the new star, who can replace Ronaldo. The future of the player is quite bright, and we will see how the club’ players will perform in the Premier league.
    Manchester City’sspending on the transfer market
    The previous season, the City� team managed to win a lot, and in the summer, the main transfer of the previous season was the acquisition of Riyad Mahrez. The Egyptian player has become a good player for the team and will help it to win gold medals.
    After that, the new season of the Premier championship of England begins, and City will be trying to achieve a good result in the fight for a place in the Champions league zone. The previous season the team managed not to win any trophy, and its main goal is to win at least one trophy.
    City will have a good squad, and many players will have already been playing together for several years. This will allow the team not to repeat the mistakes of the past season.
    As for the main transfers of the season, you can look at these:
    * Riyad;
    * Nicolas;

    * Fernandinho.
    These players will help to strengthen the team in the future, and will allow it to compete for the title.

    The Manchester City players have a busy summer transfer market, and their main goal will be to buy a new goalkeeper.
    There are several good options for the position, but one of them is the Portuguese Marcelo. The goalkeeper was a good goalkeeper for the previous club, but he is now a free agent.

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